Order process

Chakra Glass Order Process:


Chakra Glass follows a streamlined and efficient order process to ensure a smooth and transparent experience for its buyers. The process can be outlined as follows:

  1. Product Selection:

    • Buyers begin by selecting the desired products from the Chakra Glass catalog.
    • Products chosen must meet the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) criteria set by Chakra Glass.
  2. Order Submission:

    • Buyers can submit their orders by either sending a detailed list via email or creating a draft order through the online platform.
  3. Contact Information Submission:

    • Alongside the order details, buyers are requested to provide comprehensive contact information to facilitate effective communication throughout the order fulfillment process.
  4. Preparation of Proforma Invoice:

    • Upon receiving the order, Chakra Glass processes the information and prepares a proforma invoice detailing the order specifications and pricing.
    • The proforma invoice includes a request for a minimum deposit of 25% to secure the order.
  5. Deposit Submission:

    • Buyers are required to submit the requested deposit to initiate the production and fulfillment process.
    • Once the deposit is received, Chakra Glass acknowledges the payment and proceeds with the next steps.
  6. Delivery Dates Confirmation:

    • After securing the deposit, Chakra Glass provides the buyers with confirmed delivery dates.
    • The production and shipment arrangements are initiated, ensuring adherence to the agreed-upon timeline.
  7. Production and Shipment:

    • Chakra Glass undertakes the production of the ordered items based on the confirmed details.
    • Shipment arrangements are made to dispatch the products to the designated location.
  8. Final Payment and Order Completion:

    • Prior to the scheduled delivery, buyers are required to settle the remaining balance as per the terms outlined in the proforma invoice.
    • Upon receiving the final payment, Chakra Glass completes the order and ensures the timely dispatch of the products to the buyers.

Chakra Glass aims to provide a transparent and collaborative order experience, from product selection to delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.